Things you need to know

Character. In the tradition of Audax cycle events:

  1. You are responsible for yourself on the route. This includes navigation. If you have a problem that means you cannot continue you will have to make your own arrangements to return home/to the HQ.
  2. The route is mostly on small lanes, some of which have grass or gravel up the middle, and potholes are many. There are long climbs and steep descents. TAKE CARE. Any roadworthy bike should get round but unless riding tubeless tyres you will need spare inner tubes, tyre levers and a pump; sturdy tyres, excellent brakes and low gearing are recommended.
  3. There is limited directional or hazard sign-posting or junction/hazard marshalling on the route
  4. This is not a race. This aims to be a friendly event ridden at your own pace with respect for others.
  5. EBikes are not recommended – batteries may not last the distance and the amount of climbing – but nor are they barred.

Organised by Ludlow Cycling Club